A grand pageantry was held recently in Ijebu tagged ‘The Most Beautiful Girl in Ijebu.’ Kikelomo Ayorinde came out to defeat her contemporaries from different parts of Ijebu. In this interview, she speaks about her background, life at camp, her style, among many other things;


Can we meet you, ma?

My name is Abimbola Kikelomo Ayorinde.


Can you give us an insight into your parents’ background?

My mum is a teacher, Mrs Monica Ayorinde. My dad is into foodstuffs, he deals in large quantities, and his name is Mr Steven Ayorinde.


How did you know about this pageantry?

I saw the banner on campus, so I was convinced to go into it, and I went into it.


How was your experience at the camp?

It was splendid, we had lots of fun, so it was okay.


Can you share your camp experience with us?

It was very good, especially the talent hunt. We were asked to display our talents, it was very hard to do that, but we did it. Our cat-walking session was hard, but it was okay. The hard moment was when we were asked to show our talent, it wasn’t perfect, so we had to do it over and over until we got it. That was the only time I cried at the camp.


What was on your mind when you got to the final?

I wanted to just do it for fun, I wasn’t planning to win anything, but at the end, I won.


When you were declared as the winner of the pageantry, what was your reaction?

I wanted to cry, but I could not cry. It was unexpected, I never thought I would win. I was looking forward to be the First or Second runner-up, I wasn’t expecting to be the winner at all.

Gateway Times July 2019 edition


Why were you looking up to be the second and not first?

I was expecting to be the second, because I thought I didn’t try enough. (Laughs)


Did you have any friend on ground?

Yes I have one. She is the Miss Culture and Heritage 2019. I met her at the camp, and we became very close at the camp. We are really close now.


What is your plan as the ‘Most Beautiful Girl in Ijebu?’

I have plans to go to primary and secondary schools to talk about things, be it menstrual cycle, be it planning of events, hosting shows for them and so on.


How do you intend to harmonise your current position with your education?

It is going to work well. As long as I am attending classes for my exams and all, it will be okay. I am doing well in school.


What kind of person are you?

I am a very simple and jovial person. I play a lot, but I get angry easily.


What are your likes and dislikes in people?

I like it when someone is real, and when you are unique. I like truth and being honest. I dislike lies, and when you disobey me. I don’t like people commanding me around, or telling me what to do, but I am a very good listener.


What is your relationship status?

I am single (Laughs).  Everything is understandable.


What are the qualities that attracts you to a man?

I love honesty in a man, that’s all.


What is your fashion style?

Nothing attracts me in fashion, I go for whatever I like. I just wear things I am comfortable with.


What is your preference between Beads and Jewelleries?

I don’t like, and I don’t use any.


What dishes do you like?

I like my local dish, which is Amala, ewedu and gbegiri. Also, I like fried plantain and egg.


What is your advice to upcoming pageants?

My advice is that they should go for it, if they have the mind. They should take it for fun, and I am sure it is going to be good for them. Thank you.


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