Seasoned actor, Mr. Bolaji Amusan a.k.a. Mr. Latin, began his chosen career many years back and had since been able to carve a niche for himself in both entertainment and film production industry in Nigeria.

A multiple award-winning and leading artiste, Latin whose outstanding career has made to become a Glo Ambassador, in this interview, speaks on what he has been able to achieve so far as the president of TAMPAN as well as his next plans for the group.

Alaafin and Mr Latin



You assumed the leadership of the Theater Arts and Motion Picture Producers Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) 1n 2018, what have been able to achieve so far?

Well, I will first thank God for those who came together to lay the foundation of the new association. Prior to this, you will understand that we have had several challenges within the fold of ANTP, which informed some of our leaders in the industry to resolve in doing things in their own ways.

Mr Bolaji Amusan (Mr Latin)

One of the first steps I took when I got to the office, was to stabilize the association and bring sanity into it. Our elders like Baba Lere Paimo, Baba Wande and many others were co-opted, so that we could be seen as one.

The second feat was the health challenges of Baba Suwe. We were able to get in touch with the then Minister who laid the foundation of which Baba Suwe was taken out of the country for medicals. Some other Nigerians also assisted greatly.

More importantly, my administration has concluded plans to sign an MOU with a reputable Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) to cater for the health needs of our members. We have never had this kind f lofty idea in the past. I can reliably inform you that over 2000 members of our association have subscribed to this.

Apart from all of these, my administration has been able to establish a Guild of Directors, in making sure that the quality of our movies is at the best. We have over 60 directors saddled with this responsibly. We thank God for all of this.

There are other achievements which could not be explained within the time limit of this interview.


What of the challenges encountered in the process of putting the right thing in proper perspective?

Sincerely, it was the issue of trust. Our people here didn’t trust us at the initial stage, but they were forced to change their mindset when they saw the little things, we have been to achieve in the last few months. We also made our leaders have that trust in us. One of the ways we have been to do this was to create an enabling environment to channel complaints and resolve such without giving room for gossip to thrive. I operate an open-door policy as the President of the association.

Let me quickly inform you that we now have a befitting secretariat for the association located in GRA Ibadan. We are doing great with God support.


Any government support towards this?

No ooo, not at all. Gone are the days when we push all our needs before the government. We want to clean house first, so that we won’t be seen and treated like beggars outside there. But we will be calling for the government towards the successful hosting of our annual conference slated for December 11-14, 2019.


What are your next plans for the association?

It is the pension scheme for the elder one. We will achieve in no distant time. We have met with those marketers in charge of movies to have a robust discussion with them on the need to steps their activities towards our members. Henceforth, payments of proceeds from our members movies should be with immediate effect. We are not comfortable with the way many of our members are owed money accruing to them from their movies.

Right now, we have a functioning website. We have also absorbed some experts to draft a new constitution for us. We are doing everything humanly possible to improve the welfare of our members which is our core focus. And it is part of my plans also to have a new permanent secretariat for the association before I leave office.


What is your relationship with similar association in Nigeria?

We have good working relationship. Don’t forget the fact that we are all working for the benefits of our members. But the particular TAMPAN association under my leadership has been outstanding in dealing with workers welfare.

Any advice for members of your association?

Yes, we appeal to them that our best is yet to come. We shall have reasons to thank God at the end of our tenure. But we sincerely appeal to them to play their role as committed financial members, and we also promise not to disappoint them as well.


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