Prince Dapo Abiodun

Olajide Osoba, Abeokuta

By September 6 2019, the administration of  Prince Dapo Abiodun will be marking the 100 days in  office having come on board on May 29 2019


Upon his  resumption in office, people’s expectations were high as they  expected that the coming on board of Dapo Abiodun will redress the error left  behind by his predecessor in office,Senator Ibikunle Amosun.


When he assumed office , he promised to complete all abandoned roads and projects left by Amosun administration which was  ongoing in the state.


He has also provided palliatives to bad roads within the  state. The relief materials he gave to the people in Ijebu is a welcome development on his part.


Others achievements  so far  are the automatic employment of twenty unemployed graduates during the newly launched Ogun Job Portal at the Cultural Centre, Kuto,Abeokuta.


However people’s  hope were dashed having realised that the new man at the helms of  affairs have little or nothing to celebrate after hundred days in office


After making the key appointment which comprises the Secretary to the state government, SSG, the Chief Press Secretary, CPS and the Chief of Staff, Dapo Abiodun has been silent about the appointment of commissioners who will help him to steer  the ship of the state.


The current  administration  which the  people of Ogun State have seen as  the only hope after the immediate-past administration of Senator Ibikunle Amosun is now turning sour for the same people due to Abiodun’ s inability to fulfill his promises to the people and his 100 days in office is around the corner.


The residents of Ogun State seem to be expressing mixed feelings  over their action by making Abiodun as their  choice  candidate for the office of the governor.


During the last  administration the condition of the state is totally bad.


A quarter of the state’s workforce was in debt. Thousands of families were living below poverty line. Education lost its attraction. Unemployment rose. Workers and Pensioners were owed months of arrears and pension. The local government was not independent and the government was not people’s oriented. All these are the reasons why the people chose Dapo Abiodun as their choice.

But it is unfortunate that Abiodun within the first 100 days have  not been able to solve  the issues.


Some people attributed his incapability to his failure to have a complete cabinet


In his innagural  address, Abiodun promised that he would provide good and accountable governance through the provision of good leadership .


He also vowed to be prudent, transparent and accountable to ensure that public resources and opportunities are made available to all citizens in order to ensure they have a fulfilling livelihood


He also vowed to move the state forward by touching areas, such as education, security, economic development, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, water, electricity, oil and gas, social welfare. But we are yet to witness any of the promises.


He said , ” I want to assure the people of Ogun State that I will move the state forward by touching areas, such as education, security, economic development, health care, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, water, electricity, oil and gas, social welfare”


By September 2019 the state will be marking its ceremonial 100 days anniversary. The question is what is Abiodun’s achievement so far? and for  residents of the gateway state nothing for them to celebrate.


The newly launched Ogun State Job portal which can be seen as his only  achievement is nothing to write home about. Since the announcement of the twenty unemployed youths at the launch of the job portal, nothing good has  been achieved on the platform.


This is to say that Dapo Abiodun lacks the capacity  to create job for unemployed youths in the state where the number of unemployed graduates is becoming worrisome.


His inability to provide employment for appreciable number of unemployed youths has made the residents of Ogun state to lose  hope in his administration.


This has led to negative reactions trailing his inability to restore the state as he has promised.

In a vox pop with Ogun resident identified as Sanusi lateef ,he scored the Ogun state governor 50 percent out of 100 percent, saying that he should work on the job portal to have more than  twenty unemployed youths that have benefitted .


Another resident ,simply identified as Abiola described the administration of Dapo Abiodun as nothing to write home about, adding that Abiodun  has decieved the Ogun residents by telling them what he can not do within a year not to talk of 100 days.


However,  Isikilu Adepoju hailed Abiodun over his achievements  since he has assumed office, saying that people should not compare Dapo Abiodun with Amosun.


”Nobody should compare Amosun with Abiodun, Abiodun has really tried since he has assumed office, his achievements so far is a welcome one, let us be patient he will do all he has promised to do”


According Iskilu Olurebi I dont  expect Abiodun will disappoint the people.


”I voted for him because I believed he will perform better but the reverse is the case. As unemployed graduates I was unable to benefit from the Ogun job portal. I have been trying it but not going and he  promised to create job, why will he be promising  what he can not do. Our expectations were high but what is happening is not what we expected in fact we are highly disappointed”


Ogun residents therefore charged  on Dapo Abiodun to do the needful before September 6.




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