…Urges Constituents To Remain Calm, Peaceful


Putting the judgement of the Court of Appeal on Wednesday behind him, Hon. Kolapo Osunsanya, a.k.a KKO, has reassured his constituents of resounding victory in the rerun election to be conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) following the verdict of the appellate court.

In a statement made available to the media, Hon. Osunsanya assured his constituents, teeming supporters and party members that there is no cause for alarm as they are going back to the field to test their political strength. “That is the beauty of democracy, election is a game of numbers and not won inside court rooms or on the pages of newspapers or media space”.

“My main opponent and his political party are familiar foes and the people are well enlightened and therefore know the best man to represent them at the Federal House of Representatives”.

The nullification, he stated, affected only one ward and two polling units which do not particularly threaten his earlier victory if there were to be a rerun. “We have oiled our political machine and ready to do it again”.

Gearing up his teeming supporters as he urged them to be upbeat and get prepared for the rerun election, Hon. Osunsanya also thanked his constituents for being peaceful, staying by him and reposing their confidence in his responsible and responsive representation of the Federal Constituency which will he looks forward to after his electoral victory”.


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