Chief Segun Odegbami
“Politics is a high-stakes game for politicians. The ordinary people are the pawns in this game.

Segun Odegbami
It is also very big business. Interestingly, most politicians are not in it to win any elections. They know their party will not win, yet they go through all the motions of the game, trading places and positions and people, and making money every step of the way.
Do you know that the person that funded Zenith Labour Party from its inception in Ogun State was also a major contender for governorship of the State on the platform of another party? He actually was funding three political parties in the State. It was not in his original script that any serious contender like me would come from ZLP. It shocked him to the marrow when he found out too late I had won the primaries and could not be stopped any more by the time he knew what was going on with the party.
ZLP was a fall back or back-up party for him should he fail in his primary party of interest.
He was not alone in that kind of business. There were others that funded two or three parties but contested only in one. It was for this reason that even Akinlade could move easily from APC to APM when the quarrel with APC escalated to the point of no return.
Politics is a big scam, a massive racket where to not tellthe naked truth is the rule.
In politics, everything is blown up and exaggerated to create effect.
In politics, nothing is ever the way it looks.
I was warned by experienced politicians never to use the toilet during a meeting.  One minute away from the meeting is too long a time to plan a coup.  Critical decisions can be taken and altered during that short interval.
It is a crazy and scary world.”


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