The latest in the humble contributions of Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation to make life and living meaningful in Yewaland was the FYIF Stay At Home Token of Support which saw the foundation giving out N5,000 each to 60 Yewas made possible with financial assistance from Yewas by birth and residence across different continents.
Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation has been known for charitable activities in Yewaland since it made its appearance as pushed by the dream of one woman to have a platform for all Yewas wherever they reside in Nigeria or in the diaspora to contribute to the growth of Yewa people and the development of Yewaland as a whole.
Registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), FYIF has so far touched nine towns across three local government areas of Yewaland with its charitable gestures. But for Covid 19 induced lockdown of Ogun State, Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation would have begun its three towns charity tour of the next local government on its list, Ipokia Local Government Area on Easter Monday of 2020. After Ipokia it will be the turn of Imeko Afon Local Government Area. After Imeko Afon, the routine will start all over again with Yewa South Local Government Area.
The focus of FYIF charitable activities has been on financial assistance to widows and other vulnerable women, donation of equipment to health clinicss, school and vocational training scholarships, support for youths initiatives, support for unity engendering events among others.
That Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation was founded by Ireland based Princess Adeyinka Adedokun a.k.a 3ace was providence and a design of the almighty that someone has to start something. Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation is a baby of all Yewas, a platform through which any Yewa person from Iwoye-Ketu in the north to Tongeji in the south, Ijoun in the west to Ijako-Orile in the east can contribute to the growth and development of the land. That was vivid in the FYIF Stay At Home Token of Support programmme which pulled financial donations from the United States of America, Nigeria, Ireland and England to be given to Yewas to cushion the Covid 19 lockdown effect as a way of making them stay at home and be safe from infection.
And that has been the tradition. Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation’s humble contributions to the development of the land have always been with the support of Yewas home and abroad. Yewa Descendants Union members in the United Kingdom and Ireland, of North America and home based Yewas with large hearts and the desire to see positive change in the land have equally been of tremendous cash and kind support.
The combination of these supports from home and abroad and the steel type will and determination backed by the biblical Abel type of sacrificial spirit of the founder, Princess Adeyinka Adedokun 3ace have seen the foundation brushing aside political briars, stereotypes, negative traditional views of innovaive idea on its way to establish the fact that giving, charity works, contributions to growth and development of one’s land of birth does not always have to be because of a political end or desire to harvest goodwill for political gain(s). This is now a positive “new normal” in Yewaland.
It is a matter of fact that the grabbing of political power could give Ogun West which Yewaland is part of, a giant leap forward in terms of growth and development and returned the captives of Yewaland development-wise but in the wisdom of the founder, as Yewas work and wait for tha political Eldorado, the people of the land especially women, children and youths are suffering. This calls for self help intervention from Yewas and the self help interventions should become a culture even after power might have divinely and humanly considers Ogun West as a place to call home for its fixed years of tenure.
Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation is a non profit, non governmental, non political charity foundation where people of different social, political and other backgrounds can contribute to development without any coloration be it political or otherwise.
The whole idea is to have a unidirectional approach to issues bothering on the development of our land of birth. Yes there are a lot of political power fortresses from outside the borders of Yewaland that are militating against geometric growth desired but within Yewaland it is a unanimous agreement that the people of the land too need to halt working at cross purposes, be united and be able to congregate for a 21st century approach to the growth of Yewaland and people.
Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation (FYIF) wants to remain a bridge for Yewas of different places of residence, different political leaning, different backgrounds, different societal levels and importantly, different chronological generation for Issues surrounding our land of birth to receive the right kind of attention.
Kehinde Akinlade,
For: Faces of Yewa Indigenes Foundation.


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