I am forced to ask this question because the people of Imasayi have been inexplicably and curiously excluded from the ongoing renovation of Primary schools across the state.
Recall that Governor Dapo Abiodun had said that each of the 236 wards in the state would have a block of classrooms renovated before the end of his first year in office.
We have seen these renovation works being done in several wards. But curiously and strangely none has been done in Imasayi ward up till date.
There are two primary schools in Imasayi – Christ Church Primary school and Ansar Ud Deen Pry school . The two schools have several structures crying for help and attention but they were snubbed by this government.
I feel obliged to raise this alarm because rumor has it that Imasayi Maternity Centre would equally be excluded from the about- to-commence renovation effort of this government.
I am sure my ward is the only ward being criminally excluded like this out of the 236 wards in the state. (You are free to relate your experience in your ward)
One key reason why citizens don’t believe their government is due to the wide gulf and the disconnect between what government says and what it does.
The Governor said a block of classroom would be renowned in each of the 236 wards in the state. But close to one year down the lane, none in Imasayi ward yet.
However, while no single block of classroom was renovated in Imasayi, two schools were renovated in the neighboring Joga – Orile in Joga/Ibooro ward. Interestingly that ward is the political ward of the commissioner for Housing who is supervising the schools renovation project.
Could it be that the project meant for Imasayi ward was diverted to Joga-Orile?
Joga-Orile and Imasayi are in different and distinct locations.
We need answers please!
Raheem Ajayi from Imasayi


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