Hon. Olaifa Jimoh Aremu

By Hon. Olaifa Jimoh Aremu

I was inundated with several calls to issue a press release two days ago when an able bodied Man was slaughtered by rampaging Fulani Herdsmen in OHA Village of Imeko Afon and my response to the people was “how many press releases are we going to issue on the same matter to the same authority?”.

Today again, the blood thirsty Fulani Herdsmen were in another location of my Constituency, Ketu axis to be precise to snuff lives out of another set of people. At the moment, I can confirm that two lives have been lost. Other adjoining villages and towns are living in palpable fear of who is next and where next?

It is a common knowledge that security of lives and property is the primary responsibility of government at all levels but it is sad to note that it seems the entire security architecture of our government is no longer in existence, whereas if a patriot suddenly emerges from these villages in the mould of a “Sunday Igboho” in defence of his/her people to stem daily death in the hand of these marauding Fulanis; our “sleeping” government at various levels will be awake with all manner of proclamations!

I cannot continue to witness daily mortality of my Constituents from the hands of Fulani, or whoever these killers are. Therefore I am no longer appealing but calling on the mass populace of Nigerians at home and in diaspora to join me in waking our sleeping government up to safe the lives of the people of Egbado North/ Imeko Afon and other parts of Yewa land from the daily menace of Fulani Herdsmen.

I identify with the grieving families as I wish to assure the living of joining hands with patriotic like-minds to find a lasting solution to the attacks from both within and outside of our land.


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