Olaifa Jimoh Aremu



1.      All praises and adoration go to almighty Allah. I am extremely indebted as always to all that contributed to our 2019 electoral success because without that, we would not have had the opportunity to serve, not to talk of representing my dear constituency rightly.

My gratitude goes to everybody too numerous to mention and I assure you of top-notch performance at all time, so that i continue making you proud of your choice in me as your representative at the green chamber, Abuja.

2.       Today 4th of January, 2021 is a watershed in the anals of our checquered history and representation as a people because it is unprecedented that a public officer is coming back home far before the beginning of another electoral circle to present his/her stewardship.
I congratulate the good people of Egbado North / Imeko Afon Federal Constituency. I specially thank and appreciate the leadership of my political party, ADC.

3.      Egbado North/Imeko Afon Federal Constituency has been represented by various members before me at the Federal House of Representatives, Abuja, with all of them having degrees of their modest achievements at each turn of electoral cycle and representation. I give all of them living and dead my kudos

4.      You will recall that immediately I was sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives, Abuja; I organized an unprecedented “Thank you Tour” and quickly hit the ground running to perform law making, representation and oversight functions and I hope that my performances thus far are something you are all proud of.

5.      My record within a period of just one Legislative session out of four to be spent in terms of people-oriented projects, facilitated for my constituents in the areas of social services, training, and skills acquisitions as well as Mass Empowerment programme for farmers, artisans, women and youths are visible and loud already but I WILL STILL DO FAR MORE.

6.      On the floor of the plenary, I have been pulling my weight competitively, despite being a first timer and to the glory of almighty Allah, I have moved motions, sponsored bills, and laid petition on behalf of my constituents. Some of my modest achievements thus far are listed below:

§  Supply, Installation and energising of Transformers (Some completed like Imeko, Joga in Ayetoro, Sawonjo Farm Settlement, Oke Ola Quarters, while some are about to be supplied and energised to Imeko Afon, Obada,  Ijale-Ketu, etc).

§  Motorised borehole at Baare Farinde Village, Ojoloko Village – Imeko Afon are completed and functional while that of Ologiri in Ebute ward is ongoing.

§  Sponsorship of Training and Empowerment for about 50 Women and Youths on Agric – business at the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanisation, Ilorin.

§  Sponsorship of Capacity building and economic empowerment for Women and Youths in Fishery production at the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos.

§  Sponsorship of Entrepreneurship Training for about 400 Women and Youths in Catering, Barber’s job, and Tie & Dye with Start up Tools and Grants at the Federal Polytechnics, Ilaro.

§  Sponsorship of Training and Empowerment of Youths and Women on the Promotion and Development of Aqualculture (Fishries) at Afobaje Hotel, Ayetoro.

§  Ongoing Building and furnishing of a block of three classrooms with office and store at Community primary School, Idagba – Ayetoro

§  Ongoing Building and furnishing of a block of three classrooms with office and store at Comprehensive College, Fredrick Adeoye Estate, Obolo Road, Imeko.

§  Ongoing Construction of ICT Centre at Alaye High School, Ayetoro.

§  Work will commence soon on the building and furnishing of a Block of three Classrooms Each, at Community Comprehensive High School, Eggua, Community High School, Owode – Imeko Afon, St Johns Pry School, Ijako Orile, Owode – Ketu Senior High School, Community Comprehensive College, Idofa and Muslim Grammar School, Agbongi – Ilara.

§  In the same vein, work will commence soon on the Community Townhall Moriwi in Imeko Afon and Magistrate Court, Igbogila in Yewa North.

At the plenary:
§  I have moved motion on security challenges and road infrastructures in my constituency

§  I laid and presented a petition from a Constituent (Mr Akinola James Oluwatoyin ) who was unjustly dismissed by Nigeria Immigration Services since 2011; I vigorous pursued justice and to the glory of almighty Allah, the dismissal has been commuted to retirement with the benefit accruable paid to the said Constituent.

§  I have also sponsored bills on

1.      Pension (amendment) Reform (1st Reading)
2.       Society of Nigeria Broadcasters (1st Reading)
3.      Establishment of Border Academy, Imeko (2nd reading)
4.      Another for the establishment of College of Education (Technical), Ketu will be listed for first reading any moment from our resumption day later this month.

Today, I am empowering:
§  Over 400 farmers with Fertilizers, Boots and Sprayers
§  About 50 Hairdressers with Dryers
§  About 50 Tailors with Sewing Machines
§  About 100 Women with Grinding Machines
§  About 50 Youths with Generators.

On this note, I want to plead with us for more understanding, support and prayers. I also crave for more sense of altruism, collectivity, and patriotism.

Individual demands are enormous, we are trying our best but we can do more if we tone down a little on our individual demands.

In conclusion, I thank all of us once again and congratulate the beneficiaries of today’s mass empowerment it will continue to spread more and more.

by Hon Olaifa Jimoh Aremu (OJA)
Member, Federal House of Representatives, Abuja
Representing Egbado North / Imeko Afon Federal Constituency


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