The annual exhibition organised by NPU Events will hold in few months time. And according to the organiser, Mr Taiyese Ebunlomo, it will be a grand one with expected participation beyond Ogun state.

My Grand Event” is an annual exhibition platform that was birthed out of desire to avail event planners, vendors, and other creative manufacturers the opportunity to interact and build a lasting customers relations.

The event will majorly feature exhibition of products and services with a view to bringing unique and creative ideas into limelight and creating an atmosphere for creativity to thrive.

It will come up between July 13 and July 14, the elephant exhibition will be staged in some popular markets such as Sagamu, Sango, Ijebu among other notable markets in the State.

The rationale behind this year’s edition is to give people in the event sector- vendors, planners, and practitioners an opportunity to showcase their products and services.

In addition, My Grand Event is an annual exhibition platform that gives people in the event sector majorly vendors, planners, and practitioners an opportunity to showcase their products and services, interact and build customer relations with clients.

This exhibition serves as an avenue for vendors to sell their business and brand all over the world. And this time it is not limited to a particular geographical zones as we are entering various markets like Sagamu, Sango, Ijebu etc.

MGE is divided into various aspects like;
1) MasterClass Session: this part serves for vendors as an opportunity to mentor, discuss and as well partner with
Each other
2) Partnership/Sponsorship: this gives major companies the chance to put their brand or market out there in people’s faces as this leads to major interaction and yield more sales.

Meanwhile, MGE has had 2 seasons and currently gearing up for the 3rd. Gradually, they are opening up these vendors to various opportunity and also pulling them out of their comfort zones


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