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Ijebu Youths Task Ojude-Oba Planning Committee, Regberegbes

Mixed Feelings Greet Request

One of the country’s biggest social cultural festival, Ojude Oba is yet at the centre of discourse as the issue of Covid-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on virtually all the strata of the society.


Arguably, the festival which has attracted thousands of people, including foreign tourists, in recent years, is tipped as most attended social gathering for all sons and daughters of Ijebuland.


Ijebu News Xtra magazine also reliably gathered that hundreds of millions have been sunk into its planning, and as a result, thousands of people ranging from market men and women, artisans, textile merchants, hoteliers, transport operators and similar others have benefited largely from the yearly festival.


Be that as it may, there seems to be a mixed feeling revolving round the carnival-like event. While some people have appraised the event high, critics of Ojude Oba had it that the merry making should be mellowed down, while proceeds from the festival should henceforth be geared towards infrastructural development of Ijebuland.


This magazine had sought the views of a cross section of stakeholders on the burning issue and their reactions are presented below. Enjoy reading…

As younger generation, we must reason and think outside the box. We need to think differently and unconventionally from a new perspective.  Though, there will always room for pleasures and socializing. Because, in these types of socializing interactions, we learn the norms, customs, values, and roles of our native. Our fathers and mothers in Regberegbe has achieved alot. They’ve handed down for us an attribute and practice which will remains an indelible mark imprinted on the soul that cannot be blotted out.


We are duty-bound as younger ones and new generation, to consolidate on these imprints so as to improve the socioeconomic and infrastructures development of our land, the Ijebu nation.


~ Comrade Akeem Temitope Akilo~

Publicity Secretary, Egbe Obayori Okunrin Akile Ijebu “Kuye”


I don’t understand the ‘demands from the so-called quarters’. Which proceed are they referring to? Is Ojude Oba Festival a money generating ventures? I think the subject of discussion should be on the impacts of the festival on social-economic development of Ijebuland.


Ojude Oba festival is being sponsored by corporate  organizations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the festival has direct impacts on the people especially the business owners as businesses such as hotels, eateries, Bars & Lounges, Beer Parlours, Tailoring, hairdressing, petty trading etc, all come to life within the period.

Femi Adeleye, PRO Egbe Bobamayegun Okunrin Akile Ijebu



Yes, the money should be invested on infrastructural development and provision of social amenities rather than wasting it on unnecessary and unfruitful social activities. There are a lot of youths out there in ijebu land with no job, they can actually create a foundation and empowerment program that can help the skillful and unskillful ones in ijebuland.

Abdul kayode Rasaq


It is a misconception and something of a village mentality to assume that the Ojude-oba is one avenue where ijebu indigenes gather together to give the palace some big money hence it is wrong to expect this fictitious money to be shared amongst people. As an Economist, I have to see a bigger picture and that bigger picture is that the Ojude-Oba serves as a platform where the coming together of indigenes and tourists for the festival triggers economic activities and business transactions over a period of about 5 days. To appreciate my thoughts, you have to imagine the number of tailors that will be loaded with jobs which they will be paid for, the number of hotel rooms that gets booked, the local musicians that get engagements, the local foodstuff sellers and by extension the local caterers, the make-up artists, the beer joints etc. These are the proceeds of Oude-Oba festivities and not some imaginary windfall to the palace.

Whilst I’m not privy to the palace activities by any stretch and neither am I an authority on Ijebu customs, I know that the Ijebu Development Fund have been used to support local cottage businesses in terms of loans, this is what I believe what our people should be asking for more of, rather than this ‘giveaway’phenomenon which is ruining the younger generation as the sense of entitlement is mindbogglingly nauseating. We the ijebus are business people with dexterity in commerce, not beggars!

Opeyemi Oduwole

Balogun Egbe Bobamayegun Asiwaju Okunrin Akile Ijebu


All this ijb men doing parties everywhere and wasting funds…y not tell them to go to schools they graduated from and present betta building …needed stuffs uniforms, scholarship etc…this y i dont respect any rich guy ijb…no impact…

Ope Talabi


Every Ijebu indegene should be bothered about the deplorable infrastructural development in Ijebu. It is at a sorry stage. The least to say,it is an embarrassment….. I do not only support that proceeds from Ojude Oba be directed at infrastructural development in Ijebu but any other fund as well. Hence, I completely agree with your assertion.  The development of Ijebu nation is a collective responsibility of all.

Ayo  Bakre, PRO Egbe Bobamayegun Asiwaju Okunrin Akile Ijebu.

I support it too. In my opinion there is little or nothing left in Ijebuland, especially ijebu Ode where I know about.

Yewande Nadi


I would say, Yes to that! Because infrastructural facilities are more like organic catalyst that speed up productivities and of course increases the economic activities. Good road and electricity are the major problems being faced by organisations. If those two can be taken care of, I guess Ijebuland would have more investors coming in. Just take a look at how bad the Imowo Eleran road is in Ijebu Ode?





That’s what should have been the norm. We can’t wait for the government to do some basic things, we can use part of the proceeds, not all, towards Ijebu development.

Princess Adepeju


Ojude Oba festival has transformed into a global event considering the fact that people from all walks of life attend and participate in its funfares. Governments at all levels too play pivotal roles in supporting the festival with so much money that eventually goes back to the traditional council. I support that all proceeds should henceforth be debited into rehabilitating roads, building hospitals and other infrastructure. Infact, all other monies generated before now should be spent and converted for same purposes. However, only a few transparent individuals should be allowed to supervise the projects. Long may the king live.

Jonathan Eze


I am in total support of using the proceeds from Ojude Oba in doing infrastructural palliatives. It shouldn’t be debated because bringing lotta people of influence together should bridge positive results on the lives of every indigenes of the zone to make the merriment and interrelationships worthwhile in the mind always. Therefore all monies accrued should be used for the soul aim of assisting the government in building more secured future for their people. I envy you from Ogun Central.

Kazeem Akinyele


Yes. We can use it development if Govt are not willing


Adetutu Audu Adebisi



The programme is a festival that is used and can be used to attract development to the community. It is funded by the community and corporate sponsors. Therefore, the use of proceed thereof strictly speaking cannot come up.


What could be subject of discussion should the impact of the festival on the social-economic life of ijebu land. Transporters, artisans, traders, hoteliers, food vendors, event centres and planners, beers parlour and the producing companies etc are the greatest beneficiaries.


Barr. Tola Olorunfunmi, Mayegun Akile


That should be the norm from the beginning. May God give our ruler’s /leader the mind to do the right thing.

Omotunde Tolulope Mate

Overdue ! We cannot continue belabouring this. Many years back, a friend Gboyega Okenla , suggested this but he was not forgiven until forcefully made to apologize to the palace by friends and age group. Enough of frivolities that come with the festival which is one of the best things that ever promoted ijebu and ijebu warriors’ culture! It can only be better if we improve on our infrastructural developments just like it improved when the mini stadium and itale road was upgraded.

Feyisola Olusegun Michael


Certainly. It shouldn’t be meant to flaunt riches and prosperity alone. Impact in the lives of the less privileged. Have a foundation that should take care of widows, less privileged, the down trodden. In fact, with the highest level of those that have amongst the regberegbes, poverty ought to Ave been a dead issue. Ijebu Ronu.

Aderonke Adeniran Fakeye


Long overdue, the management of the festival are too conservative to a fault that it is telling in the image if the festival. Good thinking if they can bring in innovative minds to redesign logistics and set a projection of what the town needs and the modalities that would be adapted to achieve an equilibrium infrastructural development that will give all and sundry sense of belonging as well as sincerity of purpose for everyone. The event in recent time has accumulated funds from different sponsors partly used for some purpose(s) and after that what next? If the funds can be channelled to different cluster project of monumental note in Ijebuland the better it will be to tag it not only iconic money spinner and employment generation but also infrastructural development festival.

Prince Wale Olopade


I totally and completely agree with this. Enough of just partying away our future. Nothing is wrong if we socialise but we should make good use of whatever comes from it.

Al-kudiratillah Dada


It is wisest thing to do but only if the monies generated will be put to judicious use and not NDDC pocket.

Yetunde Fatungase


In support and each Regberegbe should embark/ completed one developmental project as one of the requirements for awarding position to the Regberegbe at yearly Ojude-oba festival

Oluwatoyin Abiola Odunowo


Our ijebu ode would have been better by now if thy had taken to all these suggestions.


Wemimo Eweje-Ajetunmobi


I concur with the idea absolutely, proceeds should be used for infrastructural projects, this would be of great

importance to everyone.

Olakunle Adesanya


Our social relaxation via ojude Oba is about tourism development.

Bello Bidemi


My take on Ojude Oba proceeds

It is very disheartening having such a huge festival in the Ijebu Land but little impact does it has on our development.

The Ijebu Land as a whole cannot be considered developed when compared with other parts of Ogun State.

Though, we are blessed with both human and material resources but we are not utilizing such resources for our good.

If accountability can be the watch of the organizers?

I think the proceeds from Ojude Oba can be used to develop our dear historical Land of Ijebu and as well use this to call the attention of the State Government to our side if at all we have been submerged over the years.

God bless the Ijebu Land and the people at large.

Opaleye Upmost Azeez



The big question here is what have we done individually within our family circle and our contributions towards the development of our neighborhood. It is not a bad idea but it is also pertinent to note that each Regberegbe has their various corporate social responsibilities CSR and it will be highly ludicrous to shift the blame on the corridors of regberegbe and palace if government that continuously receives our taxes failed to do their job. To me is like telling Dayo Rufai how he should celebrate his birthday with his money. Ojude is the major event that unites us as Ijebus and the only avenue to projects our heritage and culture to the rest of the world, let”s be mindful of our unnecessary criticism.

Aare Dapo Rennaiye.



Brilliant idea…. If this can be listened to….

Otunba Olawale Olagbala



Long overdue my brother, whoever is of this thought should be commended, long overdue bro.

Otubanjo Olasubomi


The Ojude Oba festival is not a money making or revenue generation programme. It is a festival that is used and can be use to attract development to the community. It is funded by the community through the regberegbes, individual and corporate sponsors. Therefore, the use of proceed thereof strictly speaking cannot come up.


What could be subject of discussion should the impact of the festival on the social-economic life of Ijebu land.

To me, the proceed from the festival will be more felt by the Transporters, artisans, travel agents, tailors and fashion designers, traders, hoteliers, food vendors, event centres and planners,  rentals, beers parlour and the producing companies etc are the greatest beneficiaries. All these people record huge profit and sales during the period of the festival. In fact I know that about two weeks before Ojude Oba festival, almost all the hotels are booked.


So, the proceed is to the people and business community at large.


Bashorun Bimbo Adetola



Absolutely in support of the motion,this will bring forth drastic development to ijebu and will becomes industrial town

Babatunde Oluwo




It’s high time for we the Ijebus to show the other tribes we are elite in all ramifications. Proceeds from the Ojude Oba festival can be invested by providing infrastructures to improve the lives of senior citizens; improving primary healthcare centres; providing children with educational literature and materials; supporting the widows/widowers and finally the orphans/orphanage homes.

Olusesan B Deru



This is actually what I have been preaching for almost 5years

If the state government will not do it let’s do it ourselves

Akin Olaiya


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