I was motivated to write this short note on the current joke about the 40 seconds delivery by a certain man during sex, when I read the piece by one of my respected egbons, Emeka Oparah, where he admonished, with stringent warnings, to avoid trying to “foolishly” impress your partner at the risk of your health.

Of course, if you believed the 40 seconds balderdash, then, you’d believe anything. This is one of such tantrums that often fraught a bitter parting of ways between two immature and unreasonable couple. Half of the gist you hear is made up to spice up their stories and heat up emotions. If you know, you know.

Nine years ago, I was on holiday in a small town called Aldershot in the UK. My home was very close to the town centre, where you have all the designer stores and other shops selling their “worobos” and “wosiwosi”.

On one of those occasions that I was out window-shopping, I suddenly caught the glimpse of a Chinese consultant clinic, specifically advertising sexual prowess. Naturally enamoured, I stopped by to ask questions relating to sexual performance.

After the initial formalities and I finally met with the Chinese doctor, the first thing he asked was my age and immediately he said gradual decline in libido for men starts at age 30 and that you should be worried only if you can’t last five minutes at that age.

He said the maximum a man over 30 years should strive to achieve is ten minutes, noting that additional minutes after that is no longer fun but hard work for both parties. Indeed, he advised more of foreplay for a more enjoyable sexual intercourse.

My brethren in the Lord, since that day, the philosophy to my sexual life is that anything after ten minutes, “let everyone hustle their cum”. Chikenna! Call it selfishness if you like, not bothered. There’s life outside of sex.

Truth is that there are loads of health benefits in sex as much as it could deliver you quickly back to your maker. Understanding your limits and staying away from all manners of sex enhancers is the way to live longer and healthier.

I belong to team natural sex. No additives!


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