Fatima Toluwalase Ajisegiri

Fatima Toluwalase Ajisegiri is a combination of beauty and brain.

The elegant Fountain University Computer Science graduate, who recently launched Quick Access, a transportation service delivery firm, in this interview with Gateway Times Nigeria, she speaks about her exploits, among other sundry issues.    Excerpts…

Fatimah Ajisegiri


Can we get to meet you viz a viz the breakdown of the schools you attended?

My name is Fatima Toluwalase Ajisegiri, I’m a graduate of Computer Science from Fountain University Osogbo. I attended Abeokuta Grammar School at Idi Aba Abeokuta and I started from Al-ameen Nursery and Primary School Abiola Way Abeokuta. I was born and breed in Abeokuta, I did my childhood there. I’m still young “smile”. After my University education I served my country in Ibadan Oyo state. I’m currently in the labor market and I’m working in an IT firm as a Solution Architect.


Can you let us into your childhood?

My childhood “hmmm” I’m the last born of the family, the baby of the house “smile”. I have four siblings ahead, one handsome, God fearing and caring brother with three most caring and most beautiful sisters.


At what point did you decide to delve into private business?

Since I was young I’v seen my elder sister do some businesses tho just petty businesses, I kind of pick interest in entrepreneur. Then i observe a lot of graduate do job hunt for years before they could get a manageable one which is terrifying. When i grew older i look into service, I just like to give service. I started my entrepreneur journey by going into fashion line which i decided to go to a fashion school because I’m creative and i want to render my service to people. And lately i delve into logistics service which is Quick Access Logistics.


What is Quick Access Logistics into?

Quick Access Logistics is a company that provides management over the flow of goods and materials between point of origin to end use destination. We often handle local shipping, inventory, packaging and consumable goods, in short, we run errands for our customers. I started the business because i realize a lot of vendors are having set back in their business due to not being able to give prompt delivery service to their customers in Abeokuta to be precise, so we need it in Abeokuta, besides Ilu Egba ibe lolaju ti beere. I just love my town. I love Abeokuta no matter what. So, I just want us to develop, I want easy access in short everything development at every level so i can as well help people with this. I will work and get paid but at least I’m bringing easy access to them. Then i got motivated about the name Quick Access because i just want something you can get easily, have access to easily, you know just at the tip of your finger. You think about it you get it. Sometimes people order for goods outside Abeokuta and the vendor send it via commercial bus or car then you go pick up at motor park. I bet it with you that you can’t predict the exact time the driver will land at the park due to unforeseen circumstances. In situations like this we are ready and available to pick up your goods at the motor park and deliver to your preferred location because you might not be chance to pick it up yourself and also we ease your stress.

Fatima Toluwalase Ajisegiri


How do you intend to expand your coast after some few years?

Definitely we pray for development and God’s mercies, guidance and everything we need. We are not going to limit it to Abeokuta alone, probably in other states as well anytime soon In Sha Allah. We just started actually, we started October 1st which we are running a promo of 500 naira anywhere in Abeokuta for the rest of October.


Lastly, what other businesses do you and how do reconcile all?

And as for other businesses, I can do any business oooo infact I’m a sales typo. Let’s talk about goods and services, I’m in and as I mentioned earlier, I’m into fashion line, I named Genteel Modesty and I am still rendering my service to myself, family and close friends. Later in future i will expand by rendering my service to the whole world In Sha Allah. I have sold a lot of fashion items in the past while i was still schooling. Female wears, turban and fashion items.




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